Tips for preparing Maths for Bank PO exam

No doubt Mathematics is the toughest part of a Bank PO exam. But, if you have selected a good Bank PO coaching institute from Delhi-NCR region, you need to worry. You can also follow certain strategies that will turn Mathematics into one of the most interesting and easy subjects for this exam.

Here we have discussed these surefire tips for Maths preparation.

Learn the multiplication tables by heart

At least you can learn the multiplication tables up to 20 should be remembered by heart. Make a practice of writing these tables daily to ease up the learning process.

Learn squares and square roots of first 25 numbers

If you know the squares and square roots of one to 25, your troubles related to Maths part will reduce substantially. Just like the tables, you must write their values daily to learn them by heart.

Clear your concepts

Begin by learning the basics. You can refer to the NCERT books to clear the basic concepts. If you regularly practice the fundamental concepts, your speed and accuracy will be increased by a great degree. Also, the complex problems will not scare you anymore.

Know the shortcut tricks

The shortcut tricks become crucial in Bank PO exams, as you have limited time to solve all the questions. In fact, these tricks empower you to perform better than other competitors. A good Bank PO coaching institute from Delhi NCR also teaches you all the necessary tricks to help you save a lot of your time.

Target the syllabus

There is no use of studying blindly without analyzing the syllabus. Just invest a little time in understanding the syllabus of Bank PO to reduce the wastage of time dramatically.

Apart from these tips, one can’t deny the fact that a good training institute plays a key role to help you get ready for this exam. You can trust Pace Academy, which is a Gurgaon-based Bank PO training institute, for getting desirable rank in this exam.

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