SSC Exam Tips: How to get selected in online mode exam

From 2016 onwards, SSC has announced to conduct all its 11 exams online. In the era of information technology, everything is presented and available in digital format. Conducting exams online has various benefits including low cost as no paper is involved, easy evaluation, ease in merit preparation, and less chance of other discrepancy like cheating or sharing  of answers. Besides this, online mode exam has some drawback for candidates to cope with during the examination.

SSC exam tips: How to crack online mode exam

Before heading to the absolute tips for tackling the online mode exam and securing high marks, we will discuss the various characteristics of offline and online mode exams. So, you can easily understand the challenges and opportunities of the online exams. Let us get into it-

Offline mode exam:- There are following things that you can observe during the offline examination-

  • You can read questions easily, accurately, and faster. This saves your time and therefore you can attempt maximum number of questions.
  • You can view the multiple questions at one time in an offline exam and can go with any of these as per your choice and convenience.
  • You can do small calculations on question paper itself.
  • Later review is easy for circling questions.
  • Questions can be attempted very quickly and maximum number of questions can be handled in offline exams in comparison with the online exam.
  • There will be a wall watch, which you can see periodically as per your convenience.
  • It takes a lot of time to encircling the answers in the OMR sheets.

Online mode exam:-  Consider the following things, which are observed during online examination-

  • If you are new to computers, then it is going to be very messy and hectic for you to attempt the exam in online mode.
  • The clock is always in front of you and alerts you to manage time efficiently. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the time during the examination.
  • Navigation is far easier and you can switch to any section as per your convenience and approach that you had made to qualify the exam.
  • You can change your answers with the online version.
  • Statistics including no. of questions, remaining time, and added questions to review, are always available in front of you.
  • You can see only one question at one time.
  • Separate rough sheets are provided during exams for performing calculations.
  • You can only use mouse excluding all other input devices like keyboard, etc. in case, if you have pressed any key from the keyboard, then your recorded answers are submitted to the server, which was not so in offline mode exam.

Now, we will look at the tips from which you can take maximum benefit in the examination hall in the context of online exam-

Be habitual of online reading

During the exam, you have to stick with the computer for 1 or 2 hours depending upon the tiers of exam. It is not an easy task. Many candidates experience headache while sitting in front of computer because they are not habitual of it. Hence, to excel in the online exam, you should gradually increase the habit of reading online.

Read instructions carefully        

Do not be too quick in starting the exam. It is strongly recommended to read the instructions first. Instructions give you an overview of “How online exam will be conducted and proceed?” Before heading to start the exam, you should give at least 10-15 minutes for reading the instructions thoroughly and carefully. Do not waste your time looking into others terminals. Act smart as you cannot afford the review time in revisiting the instructions again in the middle of the ongoing exam.

Time management

Strategize your attempts within the available time. You should have a clear picture of the sequence of sections to solve and time limit for that section in your mind. As there is no sectional cutoff, it is advisable not to stick with one section for more than the planned duration for it.  Besides this, do not leave the questions hailed from your weak area for the last time because at the last time, clock tends to tick more quickly resulting in hampering your productivity. Little concentration in the starting will be of great help in saving your time.

Practice more

A simple mantra to get success in any exam is practice. Hence, practice rigorously as you can to strengthen your grip on the subject, tricks, and techniques, which in return improve your chances to crack it. For getting familiarity with the online exams, you are advised to go through several online available mock tests and online test series.

Get rid of anxiety

In the exam, anxiety is the resulting consequence of clock ticking and it may have severe the influence on your nerves. However, just relax & be cool and confident. Do not let the clock to overtake you otherwise all efforts and preparations might go in vain. The timer is only a reminder of the left time and an indication to attempt the familiar questions. Liberate your anxiety and give your best shot.

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