SSC English Preparation Tips: Spotting Errors

About Grammar Part:- First a basic understanding is much required before jumping directly to any subject likewise most of readers used to predict the sentences considering same like they used to think and this “Habit” deviates them to know the clear cut facts and to know the actual content.

So for this I would suggest you first get the fundamentals clear from a any good book eg-Wren and martin or else any 10th level book.


You can follow a most watched youtube channel (Learning space) English videos lectures

Note:- It has only 5 videos which are enough to get better understanding and to clear your perceptions.

Vocabulary :- See there are n no. of words which you actually can’t follow or remember “Just like a sea” so the best way is to connect the “vocab” into the sentences which will give a good learning and understanding.

Moreover,Build a regular habit of at least learning 3 new vocabs and revising same on the next day , on weekends and at last during the end of month .

You may follow -Gradeup.

Ex:- 3*7days=21->21*4=84 “New words”

Reading:– For this will suggest to go for any newspapers /Good nobles

  • By reading newspaper “EDITORIAL-The Hindu/Indian Express” it will keep you updated in the real world and by default it will keep you updated for Current happening and General Awareness . My personal opinion – I read Indian Express because it is cheaper than hindu and has almost similar content and language . I used to keep a “RED” marker to highlight those vocabs while reading and used to check on same mobile app English 3.6 dictionary and put bookmark option and post reading I note it down in a regular copy and next day used to revise before reading .
  • Nobels :- Most of them have high glorified version but I used to read “DR. KALAM – My Journey Transforming dreams Into Actions” this book will effect you in 3 ways (Be Inspired for full on energy and the reason for dreaming,will built a habit,simple way of understanding though his vision “ which can be connected while understanding grammars”.

Lastly ,

Practise a lot of sectional mocks on (Cloze test,Fill ups,Phrase replacements) and post this get the brief analysis on wrong answers and make sure this won’t get committed while appearing next time .

Best of luck aspirants.

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