Interview preparation tips for major bank exams (SBI, RBI, IBPS, BOB and others)

The interview portion of bank exams often sounds challenging to aspirants preparing for SBI, RBI, BOB, or IBPS. This is where confidence and personality become more important than bookish knowledge.

To help you leave a good impression on your interviewers, we have listed interview preparation tips for major banking exams.

Try mock interviews

You can get rid of the pressure by practicing through mock interviews. If possible, take the help of someone from finance or banking sector for a mock interview process. You should also attempt being an interviewer during the mock exercises to understand the psyche of an interviewer.

Be confident about your hobbies and passions

This can be done learning as much as possible about your hobbies and passion. For example, if your hobby is playing and watching tennis, gather information about this sport in abundance. Learn about the major tournaments, prominent players, current scenario of Indian tennis and popular incidences in the past.

Learn about the organization in detail

Don’t leave a poor on impression on interviewers by learning very little about the organization. Research about what the organization does, its history, the job profile it is hiring for and working of the organization. Check if the organization was in the news in last few years.

Prepare the questions for the interviewers

Before concluding the interview, the interviewers certainly ask whether you have any questions or doubts that you want to clear. Don’t plainly say “No” to them. Instead, ask about the job profile in detail or what’s most interesting part of working in the organization. It is better to prepare these questions in advance to avoid getting nervous on the spot.

Strengthen your finance-related awareness

For this purpose, you can get the support of your Bank PO coaching institute from Delhi/NCR. Learn about the taxes, repo rate, GST, demonetization, personal finance, etc. You must also stay abreast of latest developments from the finance sector. Don’t forget to refresh your general knowledge.

You can learn about other important strategies from your bank exam coaching institute.

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