How to prepare for NEET exam

If you follow the below points dedicatedly, definitely you can crack NEET 2018 !

Kindly refer the following tips and tricks to ace NEET 2018 without coaching.

  1. Know the syllabus well – Even before you embark on the actual theory, spend a good amount of time understanding the syllabus.

2. Regularity – Clearing NEET is only in your hand; no coaching class and no preparation material can help you qualify the exam if you don’t put 100 percent. Daily preparation and practice are essential if you are planning to rely only on self-study for NEET.

3. Quality study material – Yes, that’s the most important element! While selecting the right study material for NEET is little confusing, with the help of teachers and online expert assistance you can choose the right one. Solve previous year question papers and take mock tests to improve your speed and accuracy.

4. Online Assessment – To know where you stand among other aspirants, take online mock for NEET. You should not limit on the number of tests; take as many as you can. Initially start with chapter based and gradually move to full length tests.

5. Work on weaker topics – Most students will identify with this. You may be very strong in one subject and relatively weak in the other. Don’t get demotivated. Work harder on the weaker subjects.

6. Be positive – Most important aspect of taking any challenge head-on is to be positive. Don’t get drained by studies. Eliminate anxiety from your system. As long as you know you have put in your best, you don’t have to worry. This positive approach will get you a confidence boost and eventually, realisation of your dream.

Things you should avoid immediately!

  1. Avoid too much talking on phone with your friends. Not more than 15-30 minutes every day.

2. Keep yourself away from family discussions. Don’t get into arguments with parents and brothers/sisters. It just wastes your time and energy.

3. Be selfish to focus on your study and career.

4. Say NO to social functions and visits at relatives.

5. TV serials, movies, matches are real time and energy suckers. Don’t spend more than 1 hour in front of TV every day.

6. Don’t sit on computer for more than 1 hour. Internet is the biggest addiction of all time. Real time sucker

7. To save your time you need to choose TV or Internet browsing or video games. Don’t spend more than 1 hour average daily on any of these activities.

8. Do not study for more than 2 hour Contineously. Research shows that after this period of time the brain can no longer work to it’s full potential, and that any information read or listened to will basically just go in one ear and then out the other

9. Don’t study late night:- Those who study late nights, sleep whole day.If you don’t sleep well in the night, you will feel sleepy in school and in your coaching classes. So best is you should sleep for 7 hours any time between 10 PM to 9 AM.

10. Don’t sleep for long or two short sleep hours:- Also avoid day time sleeping for more than 90 minutes.Those you could manage to sleep less, I would not recommend a sleep of less than 5-6 hours. If body is tired, mind cannot function properly.

It is also true that you are not going to start studying for more than 12 hours. Its require proper strategy.

How You Start Your Study?

Planning is main part of study. Plan your day. Means study 14 hours a day except college, classes, daily work. Plan a subject for week or a day. And most important is you must follow a plan.

1st week-You should start with three seating of 3 hours each daily for first week and try to cut down your time of other non-studying activity. Also you take 15 minutes of rest after each 1.30 hour

2nd week-You should start with three seating of 4 hours each and again try to cut down your time of other activity. Also you take 15 minutes of rest after each 2.00 hour

3rd week-You should try to take four seating of 3 hours each and one seating of 2 hours with it.

How you study for these hours?

You have to study with full concentration, no disturbance, and continuously for 3 hour sessions. The idea is to simulate real exam conditions. While studying, you have to create an atmosphere as if you are sitting in exam. Avoid doing following during a 3 hours session:

Study on a desk if you have it at home. Avoid studying while lying down on a bed.

Collect revision materials

Don’t get up from your desk during 3 hours of study session. Even not for drinking water.

Don’t listen music during studies. If you have a habit, then slowly come out of it by reducing it day by day.

Collect suitable revision snacks

No phone calls and no SMS during studies.

Don’t panic! When you panic, you make mistakes, so keep calm throughout.

Study with 100 percent concentration as if you are sitting in exam

You should take a break of at least half an hour between every seating. In this gap you try to chill or do other things .

Solve online test paper

  1. It help you to Improves your speed and accuracy.

2. The paper doesn’t generally carry direct questions. Usually the questions are framed in such a way that it requires you to apply multiple concepts to find the answer. Solving paper gives you an idea of such questions.

3. Helps you make your preparation strategy.

Apart from this, I am sharing some links where you can get test series for NEET & some pages links so you will be always updated with latest information about NEET.

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