How to prepare for DSSSB TGT, PGT and PRT Teachers Exam

Section 1:  General Intelligence and Reasoning Paper

  • The Section on General Intelligence and Reasoning is more on the conceptual and factual knowledge. Candidates preparing for DSSSB Entrance exam should put more focus on concepts and facts rather than taking the intellectual approach. Candidates should try to pay more attention to strengthening their conceptual base and testing their intelligence regularly with the help of practice sets.
  • Candidates are required to improve their mental alertness levels along with logical problem-solving skill which is the utmost requirement to solve the reasoning section of the DSSSB Entrance Exam.
  • Candidates should give more time to solving previous year question paper as they will help the candidate to get in the exam mode and also clarify any doubts related to exam pattern or type of questions.
  • Candidates will have to use their time management skills effectively as they will be allotted fixed time for each section. Candidates need to improve their speed and work on finishing the sections quickly and within the given time limit without making many mistakes.

Section 2: General Awareness Test

General Awareness is the second section of the DSSSB Exam. Candidates need to have different strategies for all the sections of the Exam. Candidates can use the below given DSSSB Preparation Tips for General Awareness Section.

  • General Awareness is one the most scoring section of DSSSB exam owing to its easy approach and questions on general events of daily on the national and international level.
  • This section is designed with the aim of testing the candidate’s awareness of daily events happening around him/her and the application of this knowledge towards society.
  • Most Questions will be framed to test the candidate’s knowledge of current events and judging his everyday observation and experience in aspects of current affairs of the scientific domain and Current Affairs.
  • All the Applicants should prepare regular notes of the various topics that they have covered and be punctual in revising them for maximum benefit and to score well in General Awareness sections of the DSSSB Exam.
  • Candidates are advised to be very thorough with the syllabus so that they are able to check from time to time which topics have been done completely and which are left. This will help them to segregate their work and divide it into revise list and the prepare list.
  • The Candidates should be fully aware of all the latest happenings around in all the sectors. They should stay updated with the latest news. Reading the Newspaper should be developed as a daily compulsory habit along with watching the news.

Section 3: Arithmetic Aptitude

The candidates should apply the following points as per the DSSSB Preparation Tips 2017-18 for attempting then quantitative aptitude sections in the exam.

  • Questions in this section are aimed at testing knowledge of the candidates in questions related to quantity and numbers.
  • The Questions will be designed to test the ability of the candidates for appropriate use of number and think in the numerical sense.
  • The range of questions will be from the computation of whole numbers, decimals, fractions, relationship, between the numbers, percentage, ratio and proportion, square roots, average, interest, profit and loss, discounts, partnership, mixtures and allegation etc.
  • Candidates should be well versed with the application of basic mathematics formulae and other concepts. The Questions in this section will be designed to check the same.
  • All the candidates should focus on learning the shortcut tricks to solve the questions to save time and effort and also solve maximum questions in the given time limit in the test booklet.

 Section 4: English Comprehension

The candidates should bring in use the following DSSSB Preparation Tips for preparing better in the English Comprehension Paper:

  • In this section, candidate’s ability to understand correct English, comprehension and writing ability will be tested.
  • The candidates should have good knowledge of rules of Grammar and its correct usage. Knowledge of Elimination Technique will be required.
  • The aspirants should prepare for rules of Grammar and its correct usage in right perspective.

Topper’s Tips on DSSSB Preparation

The candidates should follow the following general points as per the DSSSB Preparation Tips:

  • Know the Syllabus: The candidates aspiring for the DSSSB Exam must know the syllabus for the exam. Knowing the syllabus helps as much as knowing the enemy in a war does. You can easily leave the topics you are weak in for later and give more time to those topics which you are confident of to prepare better and score more in the DSSSB Exam.
  • Save Time, Attempt More: The Candidates should learn and use effective time management tricks to use their fixed time judiciously in the DSSSB Exam. The short tricks and tricks if solving questions will help a big way in the long run. Candidates should not waste time in solving one questions and focus on solving as many questions as possible. In this candidates are advised to see that they only answer questions they are sure about as there is a scope of negative marking.
  • Solve previous year question papers: The candidates should try to solve as many previous years question papers along with model or practice papers. This will help the candidates to get set for the exam mode and let them know the level of the question paper. They will also be able to know the type of questions that will be asked in the exam. Candidates can also practice to solve them according to the actual time limit allowed in the exam as to get the idea of time management in the exam, judge their performance and improve their speed.
  • Solve sample paper: Sample papers are the best way to revise and practice all the concepts studied by the candidates while preparing for the DSSSB Exam. Solving the DSSSB Sample Papers will help the candidates to get set in the exam like the environment and also boost their confidence.
  • Take good care of Health: Health is one of the primary factors for a candidate. If the candidate is not fit then all the preparation will go waste if he is not able to write the exam. Candidates should take care of their health and not ignore it while preparing for the exam. Take timely meals and regular because ultimately it will be the health which would be the deciding factor.


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