How to increase your speed for SSC CGL exam?

How to increase your speed for SSC CGL exam?

While preparing for SSC CGL, the importance of speed is equivalent to the knowledge you will acquire. Even your teachers from SSC CGL coaching institute in Delhi-NCR will emphasize on time management for solving the paper.

In this section, we discuss surefire tips for managing time for SSC CGL exam.

Keep solving puzzles and crosswords

The internet is filled with puzzles and crosswords of various sorts. Enjoy solving them daily to speed up your quantitative and reasoning section-related abilities. You will be surprised to see the pace you will acquire just after few days of adopting this habit.

Clear your concepts

When it comes to solving complex problems, nothing can substitute the importance of clarifying your basic concepts. Avoid missing any class if you are connected to a coaching institute. Also, take the support of NCERT books for Maths and Science section.

Keep a stopwatch

While solving questions or attempting an exam, have a stopwatch with you. The time you spend on each section will you tell you where an improvement is needed. Check the progress every week.

Focus on mock tests

Your SSC CGL coaching institute will surely empower you with their mock tests. You can go an extra mile to solve more mock tests by searching them online. They will make you so familiar with the test that you will not waste even a single minute during the main day.

Shortcuts and tricks are your tools

Use the shortcuts and tricks taught in your coaching classes to simplify the paper solving process. Make sure you don’t get confused due to too many tricks and shortcuts. Avoid this situation by applying each trick to multiple questions.

Time allocation for each section

Here is the breakdown of time you should devote on each section while solving the paper.

General Intelligence & Reasoning: 20 minutes

General Awareness: 10-15 minutes

Quantitative Aptitude: 25 minutes

English Language: 12-14 minutes

You can also consult subject teacher from the coaching institute on how to manage your time.

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