Top tips for General Awareness preparation for SSC CGL

General Awareness is one of the most challenging portions of SSC CGL, as you need to get a good grasp over multiple subjects and topics. We, being the most trusted SSC CGL coaching institute from Gurgaon, have always helped the students through effective coaching methods.

Here we discuss effective tips to help you prepare General Awareness segment SSC CGL examination.

Give emphasis to science section

For the last few years, the focus of question paper has remained on Science section. For Chemistry, prepare the questions related to the periodic table. In Physics, you will get questions based on the application of formulas. Therefore, learn the basic concepts from Physics. Though every portion of Biology is important, give special emphasis to diseases, nutrition and body parts & their function.

Read history like a story

Your focus should be on modern history and culture-related questions. Make connections between different events and historical personalities using a map. For example, you can make Revolt of 1857 as your major theme and map all the necessary events and personalities around it. Try to learn the history like an interesting story.

Books for respective subjects

Usually, we recommend learning through the notes provided by your SSC CGL coaching institute. You can also use these books:

Science: NCERT text book Class 6th-10

History: Lucent

Polity: Indian Polity by M. Laxminath

Economics: NCERT text book of Class 11th

Miscellaneous: Manorama Year Book, Lucent

Don’t spend all your time on current affairs

No doubt Current Affairs is an integral part of the examination. But, you don’t have to invest all your time on this subject.

Choose the right coaching institute

You must select an institute that has hired specialists related to general awareness section. You can trust Pace Academy for General Awareness preparation, as it is the most reputable SSC CGL coaching institute from Delhi NCR.

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