Tips for preparing reasoning section for SSC CGL

Reasoning section can be the most confusing part when compared to theother sections. This is because the preparation for this part is totally different and requires less cramming. A strategic approach is necessary for getting desired marks.

Pace academy, a renowned SSC CGL coaching institute from Gurgaon, has presented these tips on how to prepare for this section.

Check for negative prefixes

Various questions carry negative prefixes that can result in different answer than what you are thinking. Therefore, read the questions carefully for prefixes like ‘non’ and ‘un.’

Numerical position of alphabets

It is a wise idea to remember the numerical position of alphabets. It saves a lot of your time while solving these types of questions. If you find it difficult to remember every alphabet with its respective number, try remembering the numbers that are positioned on multiples of five.

Avoid making unnecessary questions

For the most of the questions from this section, the answer is derived from the data provided in the question. Therefore, you shouldn’t make unnecessary assumptions, as it can result in wrong answers.

 Attempt coding-decoding at the end

Coding-decoding questions usually take more than time than other questions from this section. Try these questions at the end to avoid wastage of time. Also, the classification-related questions are easiest. Start the reasoning section with these questions.

Remember the tricks

Your coaching institute will provide you with multiple tricks to help you solve the questions. Remember these tricks thoroughly and do some practice on how to apply them.

If prepared strategically, you can get maximum score from this particular section. You can also get the support of your faculty from your SSC CGL coaching institute in DELHI-NCR. We, at Pace Academy, also have a specialization in this section.

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