SSC exam preparation in English

SSC exam preparation in English

A number of you are comfortable with Reasoning as well as Quant area however constantly deal with trouble in attempting English section, as it is one of the most stayed clear of and also least ready area. English Section is one section that gets combined responses from candidates depending upon their educational history and prep work level. For some, this is an easy job but also for others, this area comes to be a headache as well as greatest difficulty in obtaining a good score in the exam. English is not something you could anticipate to master in a day. But from a test perspective, if you hang out consistently, you can perform well in it in relatively less time as compared to Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning sections. Allow us currently go through the description of the variety of concerns based upon the previous year paper.

1. Spotting Error – 3-4 questions (6-8 Marks)

2. Reading Comprehension/ Cloze Test – 5 questions (10 marks)

3. Synonyms/ Antonyms – 3 question (6 Marks)

4. Idioms/Phrases – 3 questions (6 Marks)

5. One Word Substitution – 2-3 questions (4-6 Marks)

6. Spelling Mistakes – 2 questions (4 Marks)

7. Sentence Correction – 3-4 questions (6-8 Marks)

8. Active Passive/ Direct Indirect – 2 Questions (4 Marks)

9. Para Jumbles – 2 questions (4 Marks)

You have to find the grammatical error in the sentence. Four to five questions are expected to come in the Exam. This type of questions requires good grammatical sense.

Tips to solve Spotting Error in the exam

(i) In order to solve questions on spotting errors the first step you should take is to read the complete sentence carefully. In most of the cases, you will be able to detect the error in the first go itself.

(ii) While reading the entire sentence, you must carefully check the subject-verb agreement.

(iii) If you can still not detect the error or you are still unsure of the correct answer, then you must read each individual part of the sentence and closely examine which part consists of an error.

(iv) Learn at least 30 new English words daily. Note down their Meaning & example of each word you find unfamiliar or difficult to remember. This is the best way to cover Synonyms and Antonyms.

(v) Make shortcuts, tricks to make the learning of words easy, and try to use them in your daily life

(vi) Must study all the Synonyms and Antonyms from previous paper as you know that SSC usually repeats a lot of questions.

For solving passage
(i) In a passage mostly all the sentences are logically related to each other. This logic will give you an idea about the appropriate word for the blank space.

(ii) Sometimes you can easily spot the correct answer. If not, then eliminate the improbable options one by one and get the right answer.

(iii) Find a logical relation between all the provided options.

Reading Comprehension

Step I: Identify the tone of the paragraph, it helps in answering questions very quickly

Step II: Read questions first so that you know what you are looking for

Step III: Read first and last para twice and thoroughly

Important: Read more and More Passages, this will improve your speed in reading and understanding English

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