Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje inaugurated a medical project Rajasthan Heart Attack Treatment programme (RAHAT) to provide people timely treatment during heart attacks in remote and rural areas. With this, Rajasthan became the second state in the country after Tamil Nadu Read more

Vocabulary Words – 15.01.2017

GRAPPLE (VERB): wrestle Synonyms: encounter, attack  Antonyms: avoid, dodge Example Sentence:  Aman is taught to grapple his opponent. RELISH (VERB): Cherish Synonyms: admire, enjoy Antonyms: dislike, hate Example Sentence: I relished coffee at cafeteria.  CONDUCIVE (ADJECTIVE): Useful Synonyms: contributive, helpful Read more

Vocabulary Words – 16.01.2017

DAEMON (NOUN): Demon Synonyms: devil, vampire  Antonyms: angel, God Example Sentence:  He looks like a daemon. ALLAY (VERB): Solace Synonyms: comfort, soothe Antonyms: irritate, agitate Example Sentence: She allayed them.  HERETOFORE (ADVERB): Formerly Synonyms: previously, before Antonyms: currently, presently Example Read more